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Yoga asanas ('asana' literally means posture in which it is pleasurable to remain) have been developed steadily over thousands of years as an aid to good physical and mental health, well-being and self-realization. Many of the postures are named after animals which the yogis imitated in order to gain their strengths. Yoga postures have a number of unique features which set them apart from other forms of exercise:

1. They stretch and relax nerves, muscles and joints, creating a pleasant feeling of relaxation, increasing flexibility and promoting the free flow of energy through the body.

2. They require a minimum expenditure of physical energy and thus do not create mental dullness.

3. They nourish and tone specific and often neglected organs and glands by directing the flow of blood, lymph and mental concentration to that area. The hormones secreted by the endocrine glands control our physical, mental and emotional states. By balancing these hormonal secretions, yoga asanas promote optimal physical and emotional conditions.

4. They enable the practitioner to divert the flow of energy to higher centers in the body, giving control over desires and subtlety of awareness.

5. Through use of the breath they purify the blood and promote calmness, concentration and depth of perception.

6. Through use of balance and motionlessness they promote mental steadiness and calm.

7. Through strengthening and cleaning the organs of elimination they make the body free of toxins and the mind clear.

8. Through use of concentration they promote mental stability and perception.

Satvik Massage techniques are combined stroke of Ayurveda, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lymphatic drainage and Reflexology according to the need and physical condition of each client.
  • Therapist Signature Oil massage:            100Min.  ¥15,800
  • Tension Relief Body massage:                   60Min.    ¥9,800
  • Foot & Back massage:                              45Min.    ¥7,800
  • Foot Reflexology:                                     30Min.    ¥5,000
  • Head & Face massage:                             30Min.    ¥5,000

Time:11:00 – 23:00 *Happy hour Price (10% Disc.) that finishes before 14:00. Thursday Closed. 


  • セラピスト シグネチャーマッサージ:            100分     ¥15,800
  • テンションリリーフ マッサージ:                  60分      ¥9,800
  • 脚&背中のマッサージ:                                45分      ¥7,800
  • フット リフレクソロジー:                          30分      ¥5,000 
  • ヘッド&フェイス マッサージ:                    30分      ¥5,000

営業時間:11:00-23:00 (14:00までに終了すると10%オフ) 定休日:木曜日

Regular Yoga session comprises ‘Stretches, Pranayam(deep breath), Asanas(poses), Relaxation & Meditation. 


  Morning   9:30–10:45  ¥1,200(Tuesday, Friday & Sunday)

  Evening  17:00–18:15 ¥1,500(everyday except Thursday)




朝   9:30– 10:45  ¥1,200(火、金、日曜日) 

夜  17:00–18:15 ¥1,500(木曜日以外毎日)

We have separate highly alkaline Onsen for men & women that is good for skin and pain relief. Both consistof open-air & indoor baths and sauna.

Fee: ¥1,000.  ¥800 for Yoga and Massage customers. Free for Goryukan’s guests.

 白馬八方温泉“美肌の湯” とサウナ:



料金¥ 1,000.  ヨガとマッサージのお客様は¥800.  五龍館にお泊りの方は無料.

For more information and enquiry, Please contact:

Hotel Goryukan(Front Desk),Hokujo3353, Hakuba

9:00 – 23:00 (last booking at 21:00)


 Access5min.Walk from Happo Bus centre,10Min.walk from Happo-one


 Credit cardsare also accepted.

予約 ホテル 五龍館, 白馬村白城3353

受付時間 9:00 – 23:00