Nature Cure





・   診察は全体を見ていくもので、身体、感情、精神、家族やライフスタイルについての質問を行います。

・   お客様ごとに、個別のプログラムをお作りします。専門家によリ、定期的にアドバイスやプログラムの調整を行います。

・   食事療法をご指導します。

・   ご希望の方には、ハーブを使った治療や、その他の治療をおこないます。

・   診察時間は、45分ほどです。個人プログラムの作成には一週間ほどお時間を頂きます。


                                                      自然療法カウンセリング  3,000円 / 45





・   免疫機能の向上

・   慢性病を引き起こす未病の予防

・   生きる力がわいてくる

・   健康と生活の質を高める力を


・   お客様一人一人の健康を実現する

・   健康的な体の機能回復

・   体重の調整

・   長生きできる

・   症状だけの治療ではなく、その病気の原因を探る

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received personal care and attention? As each person is unique in their experience, in their body, and in what they wish to achieve, time is spent gaining an understanding of each individual.

A detailed case history is taken on the initial visit; this explores current and past health, details on symptoms you may be experiencing and family history. The whole person is taken into account. Then treatment plan and duration can be decided upon.

What to expect

* A consultation is holistic and will include physical, emotional, mental, family and lifestyle questions. 
* A personalised programme will be created for you and will be adjusted with regular, caring attention by your practitioner 
* Dietary suggestions will be offered 
* Herbal and other treatment will be suggested depending on individual needs 
* A session usually lasts for 45 Min. and is followed by a personal programme in about a week.

45 Min. Counselling     - 3000¥

Our working hours are by appointment and according to preset schedules. We can schedule appointments at any time of the day at your convenience. Please Contact us to schedule a nature cure consultation.

Benefits of Nature cure

  • Increased energy and vitality 
  • Reduction of symptoms related to excess acidity and toxicity in the body 
  • Increased immune function 
  • Helps prevent minor symptoms from developing into chronic disease 
  • Increases inspiration for life 
  • Increases sense of personal empowerment for quality of health and life 
  • Enables clients to become independently healthy 
  • Restoration of normal healthy body function 
  • Balanced weight 
  • Increases longevity 
  • Works on the cause of illness rather than treating just the symptoms