Yoga Workshop Themes:

1. Yoga in Summer : During summer we have physical and emotional changes and during this class we discuss how to keep ourselves fit during summer. We discuss on foods and Yoga poses which are helpful during summer. 
2. Yoga for Wellness: Wellness means balance on our physical, mental and spiritual health. In this class detail discussion on wellness and related Yoga poses.
3. Yoga for working people: Working people go through physical and mental stress. Stress in cause because of our lower stamina than the challenges. In this class we discuss how we can cope up the day to day stress and while adopting few Yoga stretches and poses in our daily routine, we can reduce the amount of stress. 
4. Yoga and naturopath: More detail discussion on our daily healthy diets. How we can strengthen immune system naturally to avoid minor and major illness. We practice those Yoga poses which are strengthening our immune system.  
5. Yoga for mothers with Baby: Many mothers find difficult to practice Yoga poses while baby is awake. In this class we focus on how a mother can practice Yoga stretches and poses while entertaining baby.  
6. Yoga for English speakers or english practise: This class can be targeted those who can speak english or want to practice English. Any theme can be set up for this class. 
7. Winter Yoga: During winterer we have physical and emotional changes and during this class we discuss how to keep ourselves fit during winter. We discuss on foods and Yoga poses which are helpful during winter. 
8. Yogic way of healing pollen allergy: Pollen allergy is one of biggest challenge for many people in Japan. In this class we discuss on few Yoga poses, Yoga cleansing and diet which can be helpful to cope up pollen allergy.

9. Yoga for Kids: Kids from 7 years should be encouraged to practice Yoga poses and meditation. This is the time when they develop new glands and new hormones in their body. There are some emotional changes what can be observed from 7 years. There are certain Yoga poses that helps kids and teen age to strengthen their physical and mental condition and build more confidence, improve intelligence etc. 
10. Yoga philosophy: Yoga is one of the oldest philosophy developed for the understand the meaning and goal of human life. This class can be targeted for those people who are interested to know real Yoga and explore the Yoga philosophy.  

画像ギャラリー Yoga workshop at Nakagawa, Komagane And Ina

Satvik Massage techniques are combined stroke of Ayurveda, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lymphatic drainage and Reflexology according to the need and physical condition of each client.
  • Therapist Signature Oil massage:            100Min.  ¥15,800
  • Tension Relief Body massage:                   60Min.    ¥9,800
  • Foot & Back massage:                              45Min.    ¥7,800
  • Foot Reflexology:                                     30Min.    ¥5,000
  • Head & Face massage:                             30Min.    ¥5,000

Time:11:00 – 23:00 *Happy hour Price (10% Disc.) that finishes before 14:00. Thursday Closed. 


  • セラピスト シグネチャーマッサージ:            100分     ¥15,800
  • テンションリリーフ マッサージ:                  60分      ¥9,800
  • 脚&背中のマッサージ:                                45分      ¥7,800
  • フット リフレクソロジー:                          30分      ¥5,000 
  • ヘッド&フェイス マッサージ:                    30分      ¥5,000

営業時間:11:00-23:00 (14:00までに終了すると10%オフ) 定休日:木曜日

Regular Yoga session comprises ‘Stretches, Pranayam(deep breath), Asanas(poses), Relaxation & Meditation. 


  Morning   9:30–10:45  ¥1,200(Tuesday, Friday & Sunday)

  Evening  17:00–18:15 ¥1,500(everyday except Thursday)




朝   9:30– 10:45  ¥1,200(火、金、日曜日) 

夜  17:00–18:15 ¥1,500(木曜日以外毎日)

We have separate highly alkaline Onsen for men & women that is good for skin and pain relief. Both consistof open-air & indoor baths and sauna.

Fee: ¥1,000.  ¥800 for Yoga and Massage customers. Free for Goryukan’s guests.

 白馬八方温泉“美肌の湯” とサウナ:



料金¥ 1,000.  ヨガとマッサージのお客様は¥800.  五龍館にお泊りの方は無料.

For more information and enquiry, Please contact:

Hotel Goryukan(Front Desk),Hokujo3353, Hakuba

9:00 – 23:00 (last booking at 21:00)


 Access5min.Walk from Happo Bus centre,10Min.walk from Happo-one


 Credit cardsare also accepted.

予約 ホテル 五龍館, 白馬村白城3353

受付時間 9:00 – 23:00